Please. Wait.
Don’t Go— At Least, Not Now.
Can I invite you in for a quick break?
Could you possibly sit down for one
cup of cappuccino? Mind you–not
just any cappuccino, though. Your
time is precious, so let this be the
most remarkable, steaming cup of
cappuccino you have ever wrapped
your hands around.
Can you detect the aroma of
freshly ground coffee beans?

Mmm. Savor the simple things of life–the distinct freshness and the richest and the deepest flavor ever! The cappuccino canvas is a work of art. Can you envision the best cappuccino moment ever?

Perhaps cappuccino is not your thing.
Instead, behold this moment with a glass of wine. Savor
the best glass of wine you've ever tasted. Yet—this joy
goes beyond the taste of wine. Your wine glass presents
the perfect swishing quality. As you swish & swirl the
wine around, imagine—where are you drinking this
Let it be in Restaurant LeJules Vern at the
top of the Eiffel tower. So think of it—it is
not just any glass of wine. You made
reservations last year to be on top of the
world in Paris. And then of course, you
took a week off to fly to Paris—at this
moment, it seems just for this one glorious
glass of wine.
I digress. So, envision yourself sipping on your red wine in an
elegant wine glass atop the Eiffel Tower. Or, you are drinking
cappuccino in an Italian café on a summer evening with the love
of your life. Maybe not. Perhaps you're taking a breath of the
freshest air on earth beneath a breathtaking starry night sky ...
Whatever you may desire
or need in the writing realm,
let my words dance with you,
and take you there.
The End.
By Deborah S. Nelson,

Freelance Writer.
She Dances with Words
to Set Your Text
on Fire!

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